My name is Martin Peris and I am a Computer Science Engineer devoted to the research and development on Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

During my undergraduate studies I took part in the EUToR Project 2005(European Team of Robotics).

In 2005 I started building a robot as my degree thesis at ITI ( Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica).The aim of the robot was to integrate all the technology developed at ITI in subjects like Speech Recognition and Computer Vision. Later that year I was hired at ITI as a research assistant in RIVA group (Image recognition and computer vision)

In 2007 I was awarded with the EU-Japan Center's Vulcanus In Japan grant which allowed me to spend one year in Japan working at Toshiba's R&D Center in a robotic project.

After one year in Japan I re-joined ITI's RIVA group until April 2010.

Currently I am in the process of getting a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging. On October 2010 I joined Tsukuba University's Computer Vision Laboratory as a research student thanks to Monbukagakusho Scholarship.